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8 Piece 1000v VDE Set

8 Piece 1000v VDE Set


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These rugged, quality hand tools are VDE rated to 1000V and GS approved. The set includes two Phillips and two slotted screwdrivers, long nose pliers and side cutters. They all feature quality rubber-moulded insulation so they’re comfortable in-hand. For safety, the screwdrivers are insulated right to the tip, while the side cutters and pliers are flanged to keep them firmly in your hands. Also included is a mains test-lamp, and a small roll of PVC electrical tape. They’re made with quality steel, so they’ll be reliable job after job.


- VDE approved to 1000V

- Insulated right to the tip

- Includes low voltage circuit tester


Tools Include:

#1 x 80mm Phillips Screwdriver (170mm Overall Length)

#2 x 105mm Phillips Screwdriver (205mm Overall Length)

3.5mm x 105mm Slotted Screwdriver (195mm Overall Length)

5.0mm x 125mm Slotted Screwdriver (225mm Overall Length)

170mm Side Cutters

170mm Long Nose Pliers

140mm 250V Mains Tester