Active Subwoofer 18" PD-318SA

Active Subwoofer 18" PD-318SA


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The PD-3 series is a series of high-quality professional sound reinforcement speaker cabinets with high efficiency and a wide and smooth frequency response at any listening position (short and medium distances). PD-3-series speakers are ideal for a wide range of applications, such as disco, cinema, club, cafe, restaurant, sport facilities and other entertainment. Simply put, PD-3 Series loudspeakers deliver unmatched power and unparalleled sound quality and user-friendly. They are an extremely cost-effective solution for professional applications

This 18" powered subwoofer has a music power of 1000W and produces a sound pressure of 130dB. The crossover ensures that the highs are offered to the satellite speakers. No annoying resonances at high power. With phase control, sub level-controller, ground lift and connection to a second amplifier, as well as an innovative physical design with small grooves designed to allow solid placing of the PD-315 PA top speaker that ensure that even the mighty rumble from the heavy bass frequencies do not rattle & shake the top units. This all new powered subwoofer is the ideal solution to a heavy bass sound within your set-up. 

A subwoofer should be included in any decent setup. Power Dynamics has understood this and with the PD-318SA brings an active subwoofer on the market that is fully equipped.

For example, the PD-318SA has a phase control of 180 °, allowing you to let the sound wave come "in phase" with the sound wave of the other speakers. The result is a cohesive sound, with smooth transitions.

The PD-318SA has an adjustable crossover frequency between 30 and 145Hz. The signal level can also be adjusted on the back of the amplifier. Optimally, the subwoofer can achieve a pressure of 130dB.

The incoming signal can be looped through to a 2nd subwoofer or amplifier. The full signal can be forwarded via the thru output, after which you can mix it yourself with a crossover. Via the mid & high freq output, the transmitted signal is cut off at 120Hz and the amplifier forwards everything above it.

  • Active subwoofer with 46cm (18 ") Bass Woofer
  • Built-in amplifier with 800 watts RMS power
  • Built-in crossover for direct connection of 2 satellites
  • Rugged, on-the-road housing
  • Connections: 2x XLR balanced inputs, 2x XLR Thru full-range output, 2x XLR Mid & High frequency output
  • Equipped with 2 handles on the side
  • Limit, signal, protect / peak and power indicator
  • Adjustable 180 ° phase control
  • Subsonic filter: 30Hz
  • Maximum sound pressure @ 10% THD: 130dB
  • Frequency Response +/- 3dB: 40Hz - Crossover
  • Frequency Response -10dB: 30Hz - Crossover
  • Amplifier: 800W RMS Power: 800W RMS, 1000W Max
  • Equipped with a top hat for placing a pole & top speaker
  • On / Off and Groundlift switch
  • Connection voltage: 240VAC / 50Hz 


Dimensions (L x W x H) 655 x 585 x 605mm
Weight (kg) 57,00