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Air Tube Headset for Hand-held CB Radios

Air Tube Headset for Hand-held CB Radios

CIPS Electronics

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Compatible with handheld UHF CB radios which feature a combination 3.5mm and 2.5mm earphone and microphone plugs including many from the range of NEXTECH handheld radios. Ideal for people who use CB radios for extended periods of time because the air tube is much lighter and more comfortable than standard earpiece headsets. The collar clip secures the tube without inhibiting head movement and the in-line microphone features a push to talk button and mounting clip. 


- Clip-On Microphone

- Clear Coiled Earphone Piece


Weight: 35g

Cable Length: 

500mm from Microphone to Audio Socket

800mm from Connection to Microphone


Device Connection : 3.5mm Stereo
Cable length : 800.0m
Weight : 35.0g