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Boogie Board Blackboard A4

Boogie Board Blackboard A4

Boogie Board

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The Boogie Board Blackboard is a an electronic writing tool to plan, sketch, and design. Unlike tablets or smartphones, there's nothing to turn on, plug in or charge - the Blackboard uses Liquid Crystal Paper which is powered by a replaceable 5-Year Button-Cell Battery (CR2032).

Because there's no lag or delay when you write, it feels just like writing on paper, but also allows you to digitally save your notes or sketches by connecting to the free Blackboard App.

And when you're done with it, simply press a button to clear the Blackboard and start a new page.

The semi-transparent screen also allows you to slot in your own A4 Sheets so you can trace pictures.


  • Templates that slot behind the blackboard which adds ruled lines, dot grid and plain.
  • Easy to write on and erase (like using a pencil).
  • Save your notes and doodles by connecting to the free Blackboard App.
  • Uses Liquid Crystal Paper.
  • One-touch instant clear button.