BOSCH White Dishwasher

BOSCH White Dishwasher


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With premium features such as ultra-quiet operation, 4 star energy and water ratings, and load sensing technology, it’s not hard to see why Bosch is a world leader in dishwashers.

Bosch has designed their Serie 4 dishwashers for the average family. It’s a design that focuses on solving the little problems that come up with daily use. You'll love the speedwash program that's designed to cut wash time by 50% while delivering the same results.

The inbuilt EcoSilence Drive offers you brushless performance. Designed for quiet operation and longevity, the EcoSilence Drive in this dishwasher is a must if you’re looking for reliability. Designed to be water efficient, the inbuilt aqua sensor cleverly adjusts water usage based on how dirty your dishes are, saving you money on your water bill.

Heat Exchanger

The heat exchanger inside this dishwasher recycles heat generated from the main wash cycle for the rinse and dry cycle. Not only does this save energy (saving you money) it also offers you a unique, fully-enclosed drying system that hygienically traps the air in the dishwasher to avoid outside bacteria soiling your freshly cleaned dishes.

Load Sensing

Whether you’re washing a large load or a small load, you’ll be happy to know that this dishwasher will cleverly optimise the amount of water used based on your wash size. Good for the environment, good for your water bill.

Speed Wash

When you need to clean a load of dishes in a rush, Bosch’s SpeedPerfect wash option allows you to wash up to 50% quicker than usual. Perfect for when you’re short on time, and in need of clean dishes.

Aqua Sensor

Not all dirty dishes are the same, sometimes your dishwasher will only need to clean lightly soiled dishes, and in that situation, less water is required to get the same wash. The Aqua sensor in this dishwasher uses a light sensor to detect how dirty the water in your dishwasher is, and whether or not your dishes need some extra love to get them tip-top.


● MachineCare
● Super Wash System
● ActiveWater
● DosageAssist
● EcoSilence Drive
● AquaSensor™ technology
● AutoBrilliance
● Heat Exchanger
● 5 Spray levels
● 3 Stage self-cleaning filter system
● Alternating spray-arm washing

Dimensions of the product (HxWxD) 845 x 600 x 600
Height of removable worktop (mm) 30
Number of Options 4
Net weight (kg) 46.242