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INOX MX8 High Performance Grease 300g Spray Can

INOX MX8 High Performance Grease 300g Spray Can

CIPS Electronics

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A lithium complex grease that will hold together extremely well under high pressure and variable temperatures.

The inclusion of PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) gives increased lubrication and reduces operating temperatures to bearings, bushes, shafts, gears, chains, splines, ball joints and any other surface where friction occurs.


DG UN Number : 1950
DG Ship Name : 1950 - Aerosols flammable less than 1L
DG Class : 2.1
DG Sub Risk / Sub Class Code : 3
DG Pack Group : Not Required
DG Hazardous Chemical Code : 2WE
Dangerous in Road Freight : true
Dangerous in Air Freight : true
Service Aid : Lubricant
Physical state : Liquid Spraycan
Chemical container type : Spray Can
Aerosol spray type : Spray can
Aerosol Weight : 300g
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