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JACKSON 8 Way Surge Protector With Telephone And TV Line

JACKSON 8 Way Surge Protector With Telephone And TV Line


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JACKSON 8-Way Protected Power Board with telephone and TV Line Protection, 4x Spaced Sockets for power adapters. 1.8m Power cord (Energy Absorption Rating 700J)

The Jackson 8-way protected power board is an ideal solution suited to both Home Entertainment and Computer Systems. Featuring 8 surge protected outlets to power and help protect your valuable electronic equipment from damaging power spikes. Includes additional surge protection for your internet/telephone line as well as TV antenna/Pay TV set top boxes. The 4 spaced power outlets will provide additional space to accommodate bulky power packs and chargers. LED indicator lights will confirm the status of surge protection, earth/grounding and power availability through a large master switch.
The PT8012 also includes a $20,000 Connected System Warranty which provides cover for certain equipment damaged as a result of an electrical power surge whilst that equipment is properly connected to a Jackson Industries Surge Protected Powerboard.


  • 8x Power Outlets
  • 4x Spaced Sockets
  • Surge Protection
  • Circuit Breaker
  • Slimline Design
  • Spaced Socket for Plug Packs
  • Screw Slot Mounting
  • Right Angle Plug