Lumen Round LED Vehicle Floodlight

Lumen Round LED Vehicle Floodlight


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These are stunningly bright, with a massive 2,272 lumen output. Built with 16 individual 1.5W Phillips LEDs for huge light output, they’re shockproof, weatherproof, and UV shielded. Powered from 9-36VDC so they’ll run on cars or trucks. Fitted with stainless steel mounting hardware. 


Light Rating Lumens : 2272.0lm
IP Rating : 68
Dust/Particle Ingress Protection : 6 - Dust tight, no ingress of dust
Liquid/Moisture Ingress Protection : 8 - Immersion beyond 1m
LED Power : 24.0W
LED Quantity : 16.0pc
Outdoor Light Type : Floodlight
Width : 128.0mm
Height : 152.0mm
Depth : 51.0mm
Weight : 558.0g
Required Voltage : 9.0V, 36.0V