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Mini Star Ball - Sound Activated / Auto

Mini Star Ball - Sound Activated / Auto

CIPS Electronics

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Beamz Mini Star Jelly Ball Light RGBWA LED

What makes this one rock is the extra LED's there are 6 x 3 watt compared to 3 in most other similar lights on the market. Added to this each LED has Red, green, blue, amber and white built in. Truly wicked and the latest technology.

The Beamz Mini Star Ball is a beginner-friendly LED lighting effect that transforms even the darkest rooms into heavenly dance floors.
Thanks to the spherical design, its six 3W LEDs reach every corner of the room and dip it in rich red, green, white, blue and orange. Alternatively, the Beamz Jelly ball has an automatic Rave Light program which adapts, thanks to a built-in microphone, to the beat of the music. With the help of the sensitivity control, the sensitivity of the microphone can be perfectly adapted to the acoustic conditions of the room.

The Mini Star ball can be installed very easily. Just two screws are enough for the light ball to be mounted onto the ceiling or wall.


  • Disco ball with six LEDs in RGBWA colour spectrum - blue, green, red, white, orange
  • Automatic mode or sound-controlled
  • Durable 3W LEDs
  • Suitable for wall and ceiling mounting 


Lightsource 5-in-1 LED
LED Colours Red, Green, Blue, Amber, White
LED Power (W) 3W
Quantity of LEDs 6
Modes Automatic programs
Power consumption 20W
Power Supply 240VAC 50Hz
Dimensions (L x W x H) 190 x 190 x 155mm
Weight (kg) 0,75