Panasonic RB-M500BE-K Deep Bass Wireless Headphones with Bass Reactor

Panasonic RB-M500BE-K Deep Bass Wireless Headphones with Bass Reactor


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Mighty Bass that Moves You

Wireless Headphones RB-M500B capitalise on heavy bass sound for you to enjoy music to the fullest. RB-M500B features XBS DEEP that delivers well-defined deep bass and also has Bass Enhancer to further emphasize bass when you want.

Deep Bass Thumps Your Body

The XBS DEEP (Extra Bass System Deep) playback technology was developed by optimal tuning of the housing structure, the driver equalizing function providing powerful bass performance with unprecedented well-defined deep bass response.

Well-Defined Deep Bass Resonse

The 40mm Free Edger driver System produces sound evenly through the distortion-resistant diaphragm, and allows the headphones to achieve a deep, delicate bass. With highly elastic material around the edge, the diaphragm can move dynamically and smoothly to precisely reproduce sounds.

Feel the Bass Pumping through Real Vibration

Panasonic's unique Bass Reactor amplifies low frequencies through real vibration to produce powerful bass sound that makes you feel like you are at a live festival, concert or club.

Lightweight and Comfortable Fit

M Series headphones are designed for comfortable, long-term wear, enabled by Side Pressure Dispersion Technology, which ergonomically adjusts the lateral pressure balance between the headband and ear pads.

Voice Assistant Activation

You can launch smartphone voice function to select music, adjust the volume, and make phone calls, with your voice.

30 Hours Playback

You can keep on for more that 30 hours of continuous wireless playback

Quick Charge

Quick charge before going out. Just 15 minutes of charging supports 2 hours of listening.