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Powertech 120W 240 - 120V Isolated Stepdown Transformer

Powertech 120W 240 - 120V Isolated Stepdown Transformer


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Quality fully-enclosed stepdown transformer with fold up metal carry handles, approved 3-wire power cord & US style 3 pin 110 - 120V socket (which also accepts US style 2 pin plugs).

- Electrically isolated between primary and secondary
- Protective earth carried through to output
- Useable with precision electric & electronic appliances.
- Compact, excellent, safe and robust construction - steel case.
- Includes a resettable circuit breaker instead of fuse.


AC Voltage rating : 240.00000000V, 115.00000000V
Width : 125.00000000mm
Height : 90.00000000mm
Depth : 74.00000000mm
Weight : 2.40000000kg
Rated for AU Mains : true
Rated for US Mains : true
Mains Max Current : 1.00000000A
Max Input Power : 120.00000000VA
Type of Transformer : Stepdown Power Conversion
Primary Winding Connection : Mains AU/NZ 3 Pin
Secondary Winding Connection : Mains US 3 Pin
Circuit Breaker : true