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Take your tunes anywhere, turning anything from a cup to a window into a speaker. The sonic system within Cyclone vibrates like a regular speaker but amplifies these vibrations to allow them to permeate through anything from a desk or window to a cup or cardboard box. This means you get the power of a much larger speaker and amplifier in a portable package. You will never get tired of trying out new speakers with Cyclone.

This multi-function 36-watt speaker will take your music listening experience to the next level. Engineered to yield a sound that is high in quality, crisp, clear and incredibly loud, the Promate Cyclone Wireless Bluetooth Speaker is small but extraordinarily powerful.

Cyclone Features 3 Playback Modes: 

• Full Speaker and Vibration Mode: This mode has both the speaker and vibration function on. This is best used on surfaces like wood and glass that will give you the best sound reproduction.

• Speaker Only Mode: This mode uses just the speaker, and the vibration feature is turned off. This is best used for surfaces that do not transmit sound or for more private listening.

• Vibration Only Mode: The last mode is just vibration function. It’s best used in conjunction with another sound system that you have in place.

Fully-loaded with a rechargeable 3200mAh battery, which provides up to 3 hours of music playback time, the Cyclone can keep your company practically all-day long. Recharging it only takes around 2 hours with the included USB charge cable.+-