PROMATE Airgrip-1 - Anti-Slip Magnetic Car Phone Mount - Maroon

PROMATE Airgrip-1 - Anti-Slip Magnetic Car Phone Mount - Maroon

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PROMATE Anti-Slip Magnetic AC Vent Smartphone Mount. Colour Maroon.

Setting your phone on a mount in your car has never been easier! No cradle, no bracket and no clamp. AirGrip-1 Mount Holder features magnetic technology, saving you the hassle of placing your smartphone securely and make sure it does not fall out. Just place the metal plate between your phone and case or stick the metal plate onto the back of the phone and your good to go. AIrGrip-1 is a space saver you now no longer have to keep your smartphone in the cup holder or on the dashboard.


  • 360° Cradle-Free Design
  • Secure AC Vent Grip
  • Carbon Fiber Design
  • Weather Resistant

Powerful Magnetic Mount

Ultra-strong magnet head secures your device firmly to guard against any accidental falls. Carphone mounts grips securely onto your device so you can drive with confidence.

Dock Quickly With One Hand

With an intuitive design, the Promate AirGrip-1 Magnetic Vent Car Holder makes attaching and removing your phone a quick and easy process. No fiddling around with arms to achieve the most secure fit and certainly no aggravation, the Promate AirGrip-1 Universal Magnetic Car Holder has been designed so that with just one hand you can easily attach and remove your phone. Within a second, you can be ready to drive or get out of your car.

Metal Plate Provided

A slim, low-profile metal plate is provided with the Promate AirGrip-1 Magnetic Air Vent Mount allowing you to either stick the metal plate directly onto the back of your case or phone. Alternatively, you can place the plate in between a 2-piece case.

Quick And Easy Installation Of All Types Of Vents

Featuring a two-way clip, the Promate AirGrip-1 Magnetic Vent Car Holder allows you to mount onto any vertical and horizontal vent blades, making this unique car holder compatible with the majority of motor vehicles on the road today. The Promate AirGrip-1 Magnetic Vent Mount's simple, yet highly functional design works by slotting onto one of your vent blades, thus removing the need for any suction cups, adhesives or special cases - which can be tiresome to fit and cause damage to your car's interior. Once the holder is installed, you simply need to select one of the two provided magnets and attach it to your phone or case. This creates the strong magnetic hold, keeping your smartphone secure while you drive.

360 Degree Fully Adjustable

With Promate AirGrip-1 Holds your phone in both landscape (horizontal) or portrait (vertical) orientations. Fully adjustable with the 360-degree swivel ball head for custom viewing angles.

Reliable Reinforced Claw

Other vent claws have weak points that cannot hold the weight of a cell phone and snap off when they are screwed down tightly. Or the entire mount slides out when you try to pull your phone off. This can be very dangerous on the road. Our reinforced sturdy claw design allows the perfect fit for almost any air vent tightly locking with confidence. Our mount stays on the vent, period.