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PROMATE Sleek Multimedia Wired Keyboard & Mouse. Full Sized

PROMATE Sleek Multimedia Wired Keyboard & Mouse. Full Sized


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PROMATE Sleek Multimedia Wired Keyboard & Mouse. Full Sized Keyboard with Quiet Touch Keys. Compatible with WIndows & Apple Mac. Easy Plug & Play. Black Colour.

EasyKey-3 is a sleek full-size multimedia wired keyboard. The keyboard features its bright shortcut keys and necessary numerical keys for multiple uses added for the user’s convenience. Designated keys for email, search, refresh and favourites make the usage very convenient. Additional designated keys for volume, mute, my computer, calculator, sleep and power allows you to save a maximum amount of time. It is a lifesaver for people who work on their computers for hours together. You do not have to worry about a dying battery or continuously failing Bluetooth connection. Simply plug the wire in and start using it with any hassle. EasyKey-3 is a long-lasting keyboard with 10 million keystroke life. The keys are very soft and silent which means you can work without the annoying sound of hard key hits. 


  • Reliable Full Size Wired Keyboard With All The Necessary Numerical Keys And Shortcut Keys Added For The User’s Convenience.
  • Short-Cut Keys For Home, Email, Back, Forward, Stop, Search, Refresh, Favourites, Volume Control, Media, My Computer, Calculator, Sleep And Power. All These Functions On A Quick Short-Cut Key Together Save A Lot Of Time.
  • Plug & Play
  • Ergonomic Shape: The Compact, Ergonomic Design Helps Keep You Comfortable Wherever You Want To Use It
  • 10 Million Keystroke Life
  • Soft & Silent Keys
  • With Its Simplicity, It Becomes Very Easy To Use, Be It A Child, A Professional Or A Senior Citizen.
  • Compatible With Windows® And Mac®