Saeco IperAutomatica Premium

Saeco IperAutomatica Premium


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IperAutomatica maintains the characteristics of reliability, quality of dispensing and flexibility, but with the new components and the new restyling it is even more efficient and attractive than before.

New components for the management of soluble products, new canisters and a new mixer.

New keyboard and glossy finish that give it a modern and shiny look, characteristics that refine it in technology and beauty and that make it even more an essential work companion.

The pre-set beverage choices, ease of use and Saeco's famous construction technology for professional use remain from the previous version.

IperAutomatica becomes Premium, just like You.

IperAutomatica has the new Heart of Coffee graphic design, developed by the designer Giuliano Galeazzi and that characterises the entire Vending range, with professional components that offer an innovative and versatile solution for small enterprises, offices and Ho.Re.Ca. applications (it can brew up to 8 different beverages, and is ideal for consumption rates of 30-50 products a day). With a height of 550 mm, it is perfect for kitchens; the water tank can be removed from three different directions: from above, from the left and from the right. It is easy to use and maintenance is also very quick, thanks to the modular internal elements.

Product Features

  • 8 direct selections
  • 1 coffee beans canister
  • 2 instant products canisters (no sugar)
  • Espresso brewing unit 7 gr

Technical specifications:

  • Dimensions (w x h x d) 346 x 547 x 542 mm
  • Weight 31.5 kg
  • Power supply 220-240 V/50-60 Hz
  • Power pack switching’
  • Power consumption 1550 W
  • Coffee boiler capacity 300 cc – 1400 W’
  • Water supply with independent water tank (with lock)
  • Brewing unit 7 gr
  • Mixer 1
  • Coffee beans canister 1
  • Instant products canister 2
  • Number of selections 8
  • Number of preselections 1
  • Water tank capacity 4 l
  • Coffee grounds tray capacity 25 grounds
  • Drip tray capacity 1 l
  • Coffee beans canister capacity 1 kg