Beko Upright Freezer 250L Pearl Steel

Beko Upright Freezer 250L Pearl Steel


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Designed for modern homes and busy lifestyles. The Beko BVF290PX 250-Litre Upright Freezer is a spacious and convenient freezer solution for your home. With its large 250-litre capacity, you can store plenty of food and drinks for your family. The freezer is designed to be freestanding, so you can place it anywhere in your kitchen or utility room, and can be partner with the matching fridge BAF369PX. The ProSmart Inverter Compressor provides faster cooling with less energy and four times quieter operation.


171.4 Height

59.5 Width

70 Depth


Energy Star Rating: 3.5

Cooling System Type: No-frost

Upright Freezer Position

Display Type: LED

Colour: Pearl Steel

Total Volume (l): 256 L

Frozen Food Storage Net Volume: 256 L


ProSmart™ Inverter Compressor

High efficiency, high durability, low noise

If your fridge is a humming, gurgling energy-hog, it’s time to make the switch. Thanks to its innovative design, the ProSmart™ Inverter Compressor provides faster cooling with less energy and four times quieter operation than average refrigerator compressors. It adapts to temperature fluctuations quicker, keeps food fresh longer and saves on your energy bills, all at the same time.

Reversible Door

Adjustable door direction to fit your kitchen layout

Some kitchen layouts require that refrigerator doors open in one direction and not the other. Reversible Door allows door hinges to be placed on both the left and the right of the unit, so decide which way your fridge doors open. Plus, you can double your cooling capacity by placing two fridges side by side and reversing the doors of one.

Safety Glass

High-durability glass shelves

Ease your worries of putting that huge and heavy pot in the fridge with Safety Glass. Safety Glass shelves are made up of tempered glass and can carry loads of up to 25 kg. They resist cracks and scratches much better than untreated glass, so you can store heavy items without a care.

Twist & Serve Ice Cube Tray

Easy-access ice cubes

Flex it, pinch it, hit it on the countertop and some ice trays will still not give in. Twist & Serve Ice Cube Tray overcomes these difficulties with a simple twisting action. The cubes are dropped inside the ice box. No mess, no fuss.