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3 Way TOSLINK Switch with IR

3 Way TOSLINK Switch with IR

CIPS Electronics

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It seems that whatever technology we embrace, we suddenly have a lack of inputs or outputs somewhere along the line. This versatile little unit allows you to connect up to three toslink sources to one toslink input. Source selection is done via the supplied remote control, or the pushbutton on the side of the switch. An infrared receiver is also included so you can tuck the switch away with your equipment and still use the remote. The switch also features state-recall, which means your selected input is maintained even after the power has been switched off. Compatible with LPCM2.0, DTS, and Dolby AC3 digital formats. 


- Remote control or pushbutton operation

- Up to three inputs

- Supports common digital audio formats

- Supported Audio Formats: LPCM2.0 / DTS / Dolby AC3

- Peak Wavelength: 650nm

- Max Baud Rate: 16Mbps


1 x Switch

1 x Infrared Remote

1 x Infrared Receiver

1 x USB Power Cable

1 x User Manual


Width : 60.0mm
Height : 20.0mm
Depth : 54.0mm
Weight : 40.0g
Switcher/Converter Type : Remote Control Switcher
Input type : Digital Audio
Input Connection : TOSLINK
Number of inputs : 3.0pc
Output Type : Digital Audio
Output Connection : TOSLINK
Number of Outputs : 1.0pc
Power Requirement : External Power Required