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4GB Digital Voice Recorder

4GB Digital Voice Recorder


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A sleek and intuitive rechargeable voice recorder with touch button display and a generous 4GB of memory. Quick one-key recording means you won't miss an important part of a speech or radio broadcast. It features two recording modes; pulse-code modulation (PCM) and high quality (HQ) for capturing up to 69 hours of high quality audio. You can also set it to VOR (voice operated recording) and let the device record whatever it hears. A solid voice recorder ideal for students, journalists, musicians, private investigators, and business people. Includes earphones, tie clasp microphone and USB cable. The recording distance can be affected by how loud the sound source you are trying to record as well as how loud the area you are recording in. The recording distance to sound source of 40db (very soft sound) is around about 8m in a quiet area and a sound source around about 50~60db (normal talking) is around about 10m.


 - Voice Activated Recording

 - FM Radio & Recording 

 - MP3 Player

 - Touch Button Display

 - Low Battery Auto File Save

 - One Button Recording

 - In-built Stereo Microphone

 - Memory: 4GB Internal

 - Recording Modes: PCM, HQ

 - Recording Format: WAV (PCM), MP3 (HQ) 

 - Recording Time: 12hrs PCM

                            69hrs HQ

 - Battery: 3.7V, 350mAh Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery


Width : 36.0mm
Height : 100.0mm
Depth : 9.0mm
DG UN Number : 3481
DG Ship Name : 3481 - Lithium Ion Batteries Packed In Equipment
DG Class : 9
DG Pack Group : II - Medium Danger
DG Hazardous Chemical Code : 4W
Battery Watt Hour Rating (Required for Lithium Batteries) : 1.295Wh
Dangerous Road Freight : false
Dangerous Air Freight : true