Beko 85L Built-In Multifunction oven

Beko 85L Built-In Multifunction oven


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New Aeroperfect Design - 60cm, 85lt, Multifunction oven - 7 functions incl Fan force, fan-assist, 10 AMP connection with Supply Cord & plug.

Utilising innovative hot air technology, the Beko 60cm Aeroperfect built-in oven delivers even and precise cooking every time, so even amateur home cooks can achieve mouthwatering results.

Seven cooking functions including Fan Assisted Cooking and Electric Grill make it simple to get started cooking tonight’s dinner. The spacious 85-litre capacity provides plenty of room for the family’s meals, and is easy to clean thanks to the glass door’s grease-resistant CleanZone feature and the catalytic walls’ grease-absorbing prowess. Halogen lighting improves visibility, allowing you to keep an eye on your cooking progress without having to open the door.

This sleek unit is finished in black glass and stainless steel, for a contemporary look designed to complement the rest of your kitchen decor.

Aeroperfect™ Technology

The key to this oven’s spectacular baking, roasting, and grilling results. Aeroperfect™ provides uniform hot air distribution throughout the oven and minimises temperature fluctuations, ensuring consistent and precision cooking results every time you cook.

CleanZone easy-clean glass

Succulent roasts are a wonderful thing, but cooking them can be a mess at times. The CleanZone oven door features interior oleophobic coating that resists dirt and grease build-up for easy cleaning every time.

Halogen illumination

Keep an eye on the progress of your culinary creations without having to open the door. Halogen lighting illuminates the interior to give you full visibility without losing heat.

Telescopic shelves

Trays loaded with delicious meals can get a bit tricky to get in and out of the oven. That’s why this oven features safe and easy pull-out trays and telescopic shelves with a runner system to support your dish and make life easier.