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7 Piece Hex Nut Driver Set

7 Piece Hex Nut Driver Set


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A useful set of hex nut drivers with deep sockets that allow a generous length of thread to protrude though the nut you are tightening. Sizes supplied are M3, M3.5, M4, M4.5, M5, M 5.5, and M6. A plastic storage pouch keeps the set together. A quality Japanese product.


Pack type : Driver Set
Bit type : Hex (Allen)
Bit size : M3 Bolt/Nut, M3.5 Bolt/Nut, M4 Bolt/Nut, M4.5 Bolt/Nut, M5 Bolt/Nut, M6 Bolt/Nut
Number of tools in set : 7.0pc