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7 Piece Insulated Screwdriver Set

7 Piece Insulated Screwdriver Set


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A quality set of 7 screwdrivers with storage box that offers both uncompromising reliability and value. GS and DVE tested and approved to 1000V. With red handles and insulation right to the tip, you will find them amongst your tools quickly and easily. DIN EN 60900.


Pack type : Driver Set
Bit type : Phillips head
Tamper Proof Variant : false
Bit size : Phillips 0, Phillips 1, Phillips 2, Flat 2.5mm, Flat 3mm
Shaft Length : 75.0mm, 100.0mm
Tool Type : Screwdriver Set
Hand tool safe voltage rating : 1000.0V
Number of tools in set : 7.0pc
Storage Included : Carry Case