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Boom Microphone Stand

Boom Microphone Stand


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Height adjustable with a boom that extends 600mm, so is suitable for vocals, overheads or miking up drum kits or pianos.

It can be set up as a boom stand, or a simple vertical stand as it has a clip holder on both ends. In fact, with an extra mic clip, it could hold two microphones - assuming you don't mind getting cosy with the bass player!

The clip holder has two threads, 3/8 and 5/8 inch to accomodate the most popular clip sizes, and the clip itself tapers from about 22mm to 27mm to suit most tapered microphone sizes.


Length : 770.0mm
Width : 900.0mm
Height : 900.0mm
Weight : 1.57kg
Type of Hardware : Microphone Stand
Height Range : 600.0mm
Stand Material : Steel
Load : 3.0kg