BOSCH 112L Electric Oven  6 burner Gas Stove

BOSCH 112L Electric Oven 6 burner Gas Stove


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This 90cm Serie 6 Freestanding Dual Fuel Oven/Stove from Bosch delivers an oven with up to eight heating modes and a gas cooktop on top to let you cook like a chef.

The oven boasts an extra large 112L capacity, so you can cook for the entire family effortlessly. The oven cavity’s rear and side walls have catalytic lining which absorbs grime, making the oven easier to clean.

The top of the unit features a spacious gas cooktop with six burners including a dual wok burner for amazing stir frys. Continuous cast-iron pan support with rubber feet ensure maximum stability and effective heating. Finished in stainless steel, this durable appliance provides easy and incredible cooking results.

Triple Glazed Oven Door

Three layers of glass ensure that heat is retained within the oven. This reduces hot air loss, improving energy efficiency and resulting in more consistent cooking.

Flame failure device

For added safety, all Bosch gas cooktops feature a flame failure device. This feature stops the supply of gas to the burners if the flame is extinguished.

Wok burner

The dedicated wok burner comfortably fits your wok pans so you can effectively get that amazing sizzle for your stir frys.

Catalytic liners

Catalytic liners in the interior of the oven take the effort out of cleaning by absorbing oil and fat splashes during cooking.


  • ● Large capacity oven with Twin Fans for quicker heat up
  • ● 8 Cooking Functions: Fan forced hot air, Top/bottom heating, Rotisserie, Fan assisted top/bottom heating, Grill - large area, Hot air grilling, Hot air & bottom heat and Top/bottom heating Eco
    ● Dual wok burner: Powerful cooking at up to 14 Mj/h.
    ● One-hand electronic ignition via controls
    ● Enamelled cast-iron trivets with rubber feet
    ● Extra large capacity oven (112 l) with grey enamel
    ● Catalytic oven cavity (rear and side walls)
    ● Electronic clock/timer with LED display
    ● Telescopic extension rail x 1
    ● Number of oven lights: 2 PC
    ● Storage compartment
    ● Height adjustable legs by: 50 mm

    Cooking Power Zones
    ● 1 High-speed
    ● 2 Standard
    ● 1 Economy
    ● 1 Wok burner
    ● Rear left: Standard burner 7 Mj/h
    ● Front left: Wok burner 14 Mj/h
    ● Center rear: Economy burner 4 Mj/h
    ● Centre front: High-speed burner 12 Mj/h
    ● Rear right: Standard burner 7 Mj/h
    ● Front right: Economy burner 4 Mj/h

Size and weight

Cavity width (cm) 72.4 cm
Cavity height (cm) 37.1 cm
Cavity depth (cm) 41.7 cm
Dimensions 900-950 x 898 x 600 mm
Depth with door open (mm) 1,055 mm
Net weight (kg) 77.519 kg