Bosch Series 6 10kg/5kg Washer Dryer Combo

Bosch Series 6 10kg/5kg Washer Dryer Combo


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Technical Specifications



Capacity: 10 kg washing and 5 kg drying

Consumption rates

4.5 Star energy rating

4.5 Star water rating (WELS)

86 litres water consumption per wash and 306 kWh energy consumption per year, based on the Cotton Eco program with 60°C temperature setting, 1400 spin speed, and a cold water connection

3 Star energy rating for drying, 191 kWh energy consumption per year, based on the Intensive Dry program with drying option Cupboard Dry, used once per week. 43 litres of water is also used when drying a 5 kg load


Standard programs: 
- Cottons: hard-wearing items made from cotton, linen or blended fabrics - Cotton Eco: energy-saving program - Easy care: items made from synthetic or blended fabrics - Delicate/Silk: Delicate, washable items made from Silk, viscose and synthetics - Wool: hand or machine washable items that are made from wool or contain wool

Specialty washing programs:
- Quilt/Down Wear: items stuffed with down and synthetic fibres, such as pillows, quilts and bedspreads
- SuperQuick 15’: extra short program suitable for small lightly soiled items - Hygiene Care: for items that need to be hygienically clean, hot hair pretreatment followed by a low temperature washing cycle - Mixed: lightly soiled items made from cotton, linen, or blended fabrics - Spin/Drain: spins and drains the water - Rinse: rinses and then spins the laundry, and then drains the water

Specialty drying programs:
- Refresh: remove odour and reduce wrinkles for items that do not need frequent washing; wool, linen, and suits
- Intensive Dry: drying program with three desired dryless level options: Cupboard Dry / Cupboard Dry Plus / Iron Dry - My Drying Time: set your own drying program length (20-120 minutes) for mixed fabrics - Wash & Dry 60': short washing and drying program for small lightly soiled items


Automatic stain removal system with 4 stain options - activatable with standard programs. Simply select the type of stain on the display and then the temperature, drum movement and soaking time will automatically adjust to the optimal settings

ActiveWater Plus highly efficient water management technology automatically detects the exact load to determine the most efficient water flow possible

EcoSilence Drive: quiet, durable, and energy-efficient brushless motor (BLDC) with 10-year motor warranty

SelfCleaning Condenser: the condenser automatically cleans itself and does not require any manual cleaning. This also helps to ensure the dryer performs economically with optimal energy efficiency

VarioSoft drum: thorough yet gentle washing thanks to the unique drum structure design

400 - 1400 rpm spin speed


Large LED display for program status, temperature, spin speed, and time remaining

AntiVibration Side Panels reduce vibrations and noise levels, making it extremely quiet during the spin cycle


Touch control option settings:
Easy Iron: reduces creasing thanks to a special spin sequence
Prewash options for stubborn stains and heavily soiled garments Spin Speed: manually adjust the spin speed AntiStain selection: select stain type, tea, oil, blood, cosmetics Temperature selection: manually adjust the temperature SpeedPerfect: reduce cleaning time by up to 65%

Selected washing programs can have a drying cycle added, resulting in a wash and dry program in one go. Simply select a wash program and then press the Dry button and select the target drying result; Cupboard Dry / Cupboard Dry Plus / Iron Dry

Reload function to pause machine operation for adding in last minute laundry items

SpeedPerfect: perfectly clean in up to 65% less time.

Large porthole, chrome, blackgrey with 165° door for easy loading/unloading


Aqua Protection Plus anti-flood protection with self-sealing hose, minimises the risk of flooding

Child lock for door and buttons

Technical Information

Dimensions (H x W x D): 84.8 cm x 59.8 cm x 59 cm (63.5 cm including door handle)

Operating noise level (based on Cotton 60°C program): wash 52 / spin 74 / dry 59 dB