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BRATECK Deluxe Aluminium Notebook Desktop Stand

BRATECK Deluxe Aluminium Notebook Desktop Stand


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BRATECK Deluxe Aluminium Notebook Desktop Stand with a Sleek, Light & Elegant Look. Non-slip Silicone Feet & Silicone Padded Platform. Compatible with MacBook & Most

AR-1 is a new kind stand that elevates your laptop screen higher – while tilting your device at desk level for more comfortable typing angle. Integrated cable management keeps all your cables and connections nearby, while the non-slip silicone pads increase stability and prevent scratching. This versatile, modern stand also has an open wedge design increases cooling and airflow.


  • Elevate the screen to eye level for better viewing angle

  • Optimum cooling dock dissipates heat to the air faster than plastic or wooden laptop dock for improving airflow around the laptop.

  • Cable organiser behind routes wires neatly.

  • Silicone padded platform keeps laptop set on the stand securely and doesn't easily topple.

  • Silicone feet base provides non-slip carrying capacity and prevents scratches on the desk.

  • Single-piece aluminium design keeps lightweight yet provides solid stability which resistant to bending and breaking.

  • Sand-blasted and silver anodised finish moulded in a premium quality aluminium alloy that matches most laptops frame and colours like Macbooks.

*Laptop sold SEPARATELY