Casio FX9860GIII Graphics Calculator White

Casio FX9860GIII Graphics Calculator White


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  • Comes with slide-on hard case

User-friendly Interface

  • Large display (128 × 64 dots)
  • High-resolution LCD
  • High-speed CPU
  • Rectangular coordinate graphing, Polar coordinate graphing
  • Parametric function graphing, Inequality graphing
  • Table and Graph
  • Dual graph (table and graph, graph and graph)
  • Solve (root, minimum, maximum, intersection, integration)
  • Dynamic graph
  • Conic section graph
  • Recursion graph
  • eActivity
  • Geometry
  • Statistical plot (scatter plot, xyLine, normal probability plot, histogram, box plot)
  • Statistical regression graphs (linear, med-med, quadratic, cubic, quartic, logarithmic, exponential, power, sinusoidal, logistic regression)
  • Advanced statistical calculations: tests, intervals, distributions
  • Pie chart
  • Bar graph
  • Spreadsheet and statistical plot
  • Numeric equation solver, Simultaneous equations, Polynomial equations
  • Financial functions
  • Programming
  • Examination Mode
  • Python
  • Catalog Function
  • Data communication
  • Out-of-the-box USB operations
  • User memory: 62,000 bytes, User storage memory: 3 M bytes

Programming language “Python”

The fx-9860GIII comes built-in with Python, a programming language used in the development of Internet search engines, social media sites, robots, etc.

Learning algorithmic thinking with Python*

Python is attracting attention in the field of education as a learning tool that cultivates algorithmic thinking and has been adopted for use in textbooks.

  • Python is a registered trademark of the Python Software Foundation.
    Python mode supports a version of MicroPython Version 1.9.4, which has been adapted to run on this calculator. Please note that MicroPython is different from the Python that runs on a computer.

Reproduce textbook content on a calculator!

Communicate with PC easily without software

By connecting fx-9860GIII to a PC with a USB cable, you can easily communicate with PC. It is convenient because data such as programs and memory can be easily moved between fx-9860GIII and PC.

Communicate between fx-9860III and PC with USB cable

Extensive and advanced features

Data-logger can be used with graphing calculators and is effective for both mathematics education and science and technology education.

Science and Technology Education


  • Programmable

  • AP / SAT / SAT Subject / PSAT / NMSQT / ACT / IBSuitable for AP, SAT, SAT Subject, PSAT, NMSQT, ACT & IB examinations.

  • Number of Functions : Over 2900

  • Natural textbook displayDisplay expression same as textbook.

  • 10 + 2 digits10-digit mantissa + 2-digit exponential display.

  • Icon menuSpecify the operation you want to perform by selecting an icon or inputting a number.

  • PythonMass storage connection Output copy.

  • Multi-replayQuick and easy recall of previously executed formulas for editing and re-execution.

  • Plastic keysDesigned and engineered for easy operation.

  • Data communication with a personal computerAllows data communication with a personal computer.

  • List based STAT-data editorViewing and editing of input data in list format, showing data groups (x-data, y-data, frequency) and surrounding data.

  • Basic StatisticsStandard statistics functions such as Mean, SUM, Standard Deviation, and Regression

  • Basic Mathematical FunctionsTrigonometric, Exponential logarithmic, etc.

  • Table GenerationYou can create a numerical table based on that expression by registering a function expression. In addition, graph functions can be represented by graphs.

  • Data LoggerYou can obtain data log of scientific experiments.

  • Intermediate StatisticsMore statistical functions such as Paired-variable statistical calculation, Quartiles and List display functions for speedy and thorough learning .

  • Base-n calculationBinary/Octal/Hexadecimal

  • Scientific ConstantsYou can use constant symbols used in physics, science classes.

  • FinancialFinancial functions are built in, making financial calculations easy.

  • Graphing

  • Vector

  • Advanced StatisticsSupport high level statistics by 7 kinds of advanced distribution calculation.

  • AAA-size Battery

  • Differentiation

  • Spreadsheet

  • Connection to PC

  • Matrix

  • Equation

  • Integration

  • Metric conversion functionYou can convert a number in one unit to a number in a different unit.

  • Complex number calculation

  • High ResolutionWe are choosing a model with higher definition in our non-programmable model and a higher definition model with Programmable model.

Size of case / Total weight

  • Dimensions (D × W × H) : 175.5×83.5×18.7mm
  • Weight : 190g