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Cat-5 Punch-Down Tool - Adjustable

Cat-5 Punch-Down Tool - Adjustable


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This punch-down tool has the same functions as the tool above, but has extra features to achieve the perfect`punch' for different wire sizes. It has a turnable body, adjustable impact pressure, and a storage compartment within the handle for holding a spare blade. Frame made of polyacepal resin with fibre glass orange in colour.
Supplied with 88 blade.

Impact pressure:
Low: 10 +/- 2 Kg (standard wire)
High: 15 +/- 2 Kg (larger wire)

Spare blades see TH-1742 & TH-1743.


Length : 152.0mm
Type of crimp terminal : 8 Pin RJ Modular (RJ45)
Crimp Mechanism : Compression