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Extra-Heavy Duty 700A Jumper Leads

Extra-Heavy Duty 700A Jumper Leads


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Batteries Included


These  extra-heavy duty jumper leads have battery clamps with a helpful LED light built in, so you can find the battery terminals even in pitch black darkness. Rated at 700A, they are suitable for higher CCA (cold cranking amp) loads on big V6s, V8s and diesel 4WDs. At 4.5m long, they have that extra bit of length over your typical jumper leads, which always makes the difference when dealing with large 4WD engine bays. Fitted with a surge protector to protect sensitive electronics, and supplied in a handy clear plastic carry case. LEDs powered by built in batteries (included).

* Voltage surge protection
* batteries included


DC current rating : 700.0A
Cable length : 4.5m
Size / Shape : Button - LR44 / SR44 / A76 / 357
Battery quantity : 8.0pc
Batteries included : true
Batteries can be replaced by user : true
Compartment location : Handles
How is battery compartment kept closed : Screws