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Flexible F Plug to F Plug Coax RG59 Cable - 10m

Flexible F Plug to F Plug Coax RG59 Cable - 10m


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A new range of super flexible coax leads with multi-stranded core and a flexible outer casing that is less likely to tangle and prevents kinking. Its flexibility makes it easier to run through entertainment cabinets and along skirting boards, etc.

Available in RG59 or RG6 quad shielded coax cable with nickel plated, moulded F59 plugs. Blue in colour.

WV-7450     RG59     10m
WV-7452     RG59      20m

RG6 Quad Shielded
WV-7454     RG6     10m
WV-7456     RG6     20m


Length : 10.00000000m
Audio Video Signal Type : RF
Quality of lead : High Grade
Length of Lead : 10.00000000m
Lead Input Type : F Type
Lead Input Connection : Plug
Input Quantity : 1.00000000pc
Lead Output Type : F Type
Output Quantity : 1.00000000pc
Lead Output Connection : Plug
Directional : false
Plug Casing Material : Plastic
Plug Contact Material : Nickel Plated Copper