Goldair 2.64KW Hot & Cool Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner

Goldair 2.64KW Hot & Cool Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner


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This Multi-Season Goldair Platinum Portable Air Conditioner has 3-in-1 heating, cooling and dehumidifier functions making it your home's new best friend all year round. DIspose of unwanted hot or cold air with its included window kit and operate all functions via its electronic control panel, included remote control or via your phone on your home WiFi on the Goldair app. This model also has a dehumidifier/ dry mode; which will allow you to remove moisture from your room or carpet by attaching a drainage hose.

It features 2 speed settings, an adjustable thermostat and a timer function so you can use with ease, whatever the weather.

  • Features

    • 2 Speed Settings
      Heating Mode
      Cooling Mode
      Dehumidifier Mode
      Electronic Display
      Timer Function
      Remote Control
      Window Kit Included

Dimensions: H: 700mm, W: 350mm, D: 350mm.
Weight: 23.5g
Wattage: Cooling: 2.64kW, Heating: 2.13kW
Dehumidifier: 24L
Decibel Level: 64dB

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    •  How does a multi season portable air con work?
      A multi-season portable air con is just like a split cycle heat pump that you see on people's walls in their house except that all the equipment (compressor etc) are contained in the actual appliance.


      The appliance has an internal switch that pushes cool air into the room and hot air to the outdoors when in COOLING mode and pushes warm air into the room and cold air to the outdoors when in HEATING mode.

      You can set a desired temperature in either mode and the appliance will work to achieve your desired temperature.

      Note - as all the components required to make the unit work are contained inside the appliance, they are much noisier than a wall mounted heat pump.

      How does an electronic (digital) thermostat work?
      This heater has an electronic (digital readout) thermostat that can be set to a specific temperature.
      The best way to set one is to set it to its maximum temperature and when the room reaches a temperature you are comfortable with, look at the display on the heater and then set the thermostat to that temperature. Then the heater will cycle on and off to maintain the level you have selected.

      Note that the thermostat is inside the heater so the area around the heater will be hotter than the rest of the room and the display will be reading higher than the actual room temperature.

      How does the timer function work?
      This portable air conditioner features an electronic timer that allows you to set a period of time after which the device will turn ON or OFF.

      If you want the device to turn off after 3 hours, you would set the timer to 3h and when the 3 hours has elapsed the device will turn off. You cannot set a specific time for the fan to turn off.

      NOTE to set the ON timer, the device needs to be plugged in to the wall socket with the power turned on for the timer to work.



2 Speed Settings


Heating & Cooling Mode


Dehumidifier Mode


Remote Control


Digital Display


Timer Function


Window Kit Included


Wifi & Smart home Enabled




Operate from the comfort of the couch



Download the Goldair app and operate all the functions on this device from your smart phone. Store your favourite settings & set up daily schedules:
- Turn your fan on at 30°c room temperature
- Turn your heater on at sunrise
- Set your Mon-Fri routine