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Kingray 4-Way Indoor TV Amplifier/Splitter

Kingray 4-Way Indoor TV Amplifier/Splitter


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This unit is an analog and digital television splitter/amplifier for use in multiple receiver applications. The amplifier has F type input/output connectors and features variable gain on the VHF band. The unit operates from 240VAC and is mounted in a white ABS housing with integral mounting lugs. Size 60(W) x 40(H) x 85(L)mm. Adaptors are included to suit 75 ohm coax connectors.


Length : 85.0mm
Width : 60.0mm
Height : 40.0mm
AC Plugpack Voltage : 240.0V
Usage Location : Indoor
Amplifier Type : Distribution
Input Connection : F Type
Output Connection : F Type
UHF Gain : 0.0dB, 6.0dB
UHF Frequency Range : 40.0MHz, 860.0MHz