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Latching Emergency Stop Switch

Latching Emergency Stop Switch


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Essential for installations of industrial or lab equipment. Latching actuator with rotating release. Two sets of contacts: one normally open, one normally closed. When the actuator is pushed in, the contacts change state, ensuring the equipment can't be operated until the switch is intentionally disengaged by rotating the actuator and releasing.

• Configuration: 2 contact sets, normally closed (RED) & normally open (GREEN)
• Actuation: Push off, rotate on



AC current rating : 6.00000000A, 3.00000000A
AC Voltage rating : 125.00000000V, 300.00000000V
Switch Type : Pushbutton
Poles / Contacts : 2.00000000 pole
Throws / Positions : 2.00000000pos
Switch Function : Locking On/Off
Actuator Length : 35.00000000mm
Actuator Width : 24.00000000mm