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The Magic Bullet takes up minimal counter space while showcasing maximum speed and versatility. With its unique design and compact size, the Magic Bullet chops, mixes, blends, whips, grinds and more in less time than it takes to assemble standard kitchen appliances. It features a specially-designed blade and unique bullet shape, which work together to quickly and forcefully circulate food back into the Cyclonic Cutting Zone, allowing virtually any food prep task to be done in seconds And with a wide array of dishwasher-safe attachments, clean up is easy.

  • 200 watts
  • Capacity: 350ml, 475ml or 600ml
  • included: power base, cross blade, tall cup, short cup, party mug, 2x resealable lids, 2x lip rings, sippy lids, recipe book
  • Settings: push to go, twist and lock-on
  • Non slip
  • Hassle-free clean up