Motion Sensor Detector PIR Infrared IP44 180 Degrees

Motion Sensor Detector PIR Infrared IP44 180 Degrees

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Product overview:
This product adopts infrared human body induction and light control technology. Control the load by detecting the movement of the human body (more practical, stable, energy efficient and user-friendly than traditional touch, voice-controlled switches). The light in the induction area is on, and when the person leaves, it will be off automatically according to the set time. Can identify day and night (that is, you can manually adjust the knob to choose day and night work), product performance is stable, safe and convenient, energy saving. Intelligent lighting, security products of choice.

Applicable place:
Door, corridor, elevator, balcony, bathroom, mirror, wardrobe, cabinet, warehouse, basement, garage and other indoor and outdoor places.

1. The installation of the switch shall be carried out by a qualified electrician.
2. Before installation, turn off the main power supply (live operation is strictly prohibited), install the switch as required, connect the wire according to the drawing and fix the switch, and then connect the main power supply.

1. Please connect the wires strictly according to the wiring diagram.
2. Do not overload or use beyond the scope.
3. This product can be used for resistance and inductive load of incandescent lamp, fluorescent lamp, LED lamp and automatic switch control of electrical equipment.

Technical parameters:
1. Operating voltage: AC 220 ~ 240V. Power consumption: 0.1w.
2. Ambient temperature: -20℃ ~ +40℃
3. Delay time: 5 seconds to 10 minutes can be adjusted by LUX knob
4. Maximum load power: 1200W (resistance load such as incandescent lamp), 300W (inductive load such as fluorescent lamp, LED lamp, etc.)
5. Induction distance: 12±2 meters
6. Induction Angle: 180°
7. Ambient illumination: 3 LUX (at night) to 2000LUX can be adjusted by LUX knob. LUX senses both day and night when it is in the position of the sun; To the moon's position only at night.
8. Installation height: 1.8 to 4.5 meters
9. Protection grade: IP44(suitable for outdoor and indoor use)
10. The maximum induction distance of 12 meters refers to the maximum detection distance of the infrared induction element. In actual use, the actual detection distance may not reach 12 meters due to the environmental temperature, installation method, the position of the detected object, cold and hot air flow and other factors.

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