Panasonic 4000 Lumen Projector

Panasonic 4000 Lumen Projector


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This is a bright LCD projector suitable for education, businesses and photographers to project in a large venue to a large audience.It is a brilliant lightweight unit at only 3.3KGs, so it is very portable and produces a high 4000 lumens. This means that you will be able to project with the lights on to a medium to large sized audience in a well lit room throughout the day. You can present in a large venue such as a school hall or conference room.

Just Projectors review on the Panasonic Projector

A widescreen WXGA resolution gives you great picture quality. You will get 30% more viewing area than the standard XGA resolution and you won’t have to worry about stretching your pixels to match the widescreen source. It will give you a sharp image when presenting spreadsheets, data, images and videos.

The LCD technology will give you realistic and true to life colours, which is brilliant for photographers, graphic designers, etc. The wide throw ratio also helps where you can place the projector, or you can use this as a mobile projector. Give us a call if you are thinking of installation. Another feature is the vertical and horizontal keystone correction which helps if you are installing the projector because if your projector is slightly off centre then you can still project in the middle of the screen. A wide range of inputs including two HDMI ports means that you are future proofing yourself to be able to connect to newer devices that often use the HDMI connection and show your content in high definition. You can connect to multiple sources without swapping cables around. There are also two VGA ports. There is also a USB input so you can present PC free! This projector has a built in 10W speaker which is suitable for a medium sized audience. Overall, this is a great projector with many features and Panasonic is a brilliant manufacturer. 

What Panasonic say about this Projector

7000 Hours Maintenance-free*
When used for eight hours per day lamp and filter replacement is not required for up to 7000 hours* of operation slashing cost of ownership.

Quiet Operation
The quiet design keeps noise levels down to a low 29 dB on ECO Mode with the cooling fan hardly audible minimizing distractions during presentations.

Flexible 1.6x Zoom Lens
When projecting onto a 100-inch-wide screen* the included 1.6x zoom lens supports a range of projection distances from 2.5 to 4.1 m (8.2 to 13.5 ft).

Corner Keystone Correction for Angled Projection
If on-site conditions require off-center projection simply designate four screen corners and Horizontal & Vertical Corner Keystone Correction performs necessary adjustments for a distortion-free image.

Curved Screen Correction
Barrel and pincushion distortions are easily corrected when projecting onto a curved screen surface.

Simple Lamp and Filter Replacement
Lamp and filter are accessed via panels in the top and side of the projector. Periodic maintenance takes moments even with the unit attached to a ceiling-mount bracket.

Memory Viewer Light Function
You don't need a computer to start presenting—just insert a USB memory device containing media and start projecting straight away.

New Multi Monitoring & Control Software
Panasonic Multi Monitoring & Control Software supports up to 2048 devices over LAN and features system map visualization or auto-search of devices to be registered. The free software is available with Early Warning functions (automatic free 90-day trial available). These advanced functions enable real-time monitoring abnormality detection and notification before servicing is required. Administrators can achieve seamless control and real-time monitoring while preventing potential problems saving time and enhancing system reliability.