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Panasonic RF-2400D FM AM Radio

Panasonic RF-2400D FM AM Radio


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Panasonic RF-2400

Key Features

  • FM & AM Analog Dial Tuning
  • AM Signal Boost with AFC Tuner
  • Auto-Selection of Nearby AM Stations
  • Large Easy-to-Read Numerals on Dial
  • Fluorescent Pointer for Low-Light Use
  • 3.9" Full-Range Speaker
  • 3.5mm Headphone Output
  • Powered by AC or 4 x AA Batteries
  • Built-In Telescoping Antenna
  • Built-In Carry Handle

In a sea of smart devices, the tried-and-true FM/AM radio stands the test of time. With the Portable FM/AM Radio with AFC Tuner from Panasonic, that traditional technology has been given an update. The Auto Frequency Control (AFC) function of the tuner has been designed to expand the range of AM radio reception to simplify tuning.

In addition to expanding the range, AFC helps eliminate the need for precise tuning of an AM station by automatically selecting the nearest one on the dial. Additionally, AFC reduces noise in the AM signal (not the audio you hear), for an improved listening experience.

Easy to See Day or Night

The RF-2400D has been given a dial scale with large, easy-to-read numerals and a fluorescent pointer. This makes it possible to operate the radio in low-light situations, such as during a power outage.

Additional Features

3.9" full-range speaker
3.5mm headphone output
Built-in telescoping antenna
Built-in carry handle
Powered by 110 VAC or four AA batteries (sold separately)