Pestrol Zap-It insect Bite Relief Device

Pestrol Zap-It insect Bite Relief Device


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The Zap-It is handy compact product, designed to immediately stop itching, redness and swelling caused by bug and animal bites. It will assist with instant relief from discomfort caused by contact from mosquitoes, sand flies, jelly-fish and any other biting or stinging animals.

How does the Zap-It work?

All you have to do is click the device 4-6 times on the desired area of infected skin to localise the poison. The bite and toxicity becomes neutralised and your swelling, scratching and discomfort will be instantly resolved.

The Zap-It works with direct skin contact or through light clothing.


  1. Place the flat end in contact with skin, directly on top of the bite
  2. Hold between two fingers and squeeze the button with your thumb
  3. Press the button quickly 5 times or as many as desired
  4. Itching with ease and swelling will reduce

The Zap-It is a medical device that is clinically approved and tested by the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. In clinical trials, well over 90% of people tested reported being ‘itch free’ within 5 minutes of using Zap-It! on their bites!

You can expect one Zap-It it to last for up to 1000 bites.

Where can I keep my Zap-It?

Keep one in your car; 4X4; boat; hand bag; beach bag or first aid kit. As long as a Zap-It is close at hand you will be itch free with peace of mind that you and your family have instant relief.

Please be aware

  • Please be aware that the Zap-It provides relief but will not remove toxins or infections from desired area
  • Do not use near eyes, lips and other sensitive areas
  • Do not use directly after applying insect repellent
  • Please seek medical advice if you are at risk of infectious disease or have adverse side effects
  • Not suitable for those with Pacemakers
  • Do no use on children under 2 years