Power Dynamics PD815A 15" Active PA Array System

Power Dynamics PD815A 15" Active PA Array System


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PD815A Portable 15" Array System 

The PD815A portable array system is a high-quality 15" subwoofer & line-array sound system. The system features 8x 4'' neodymium speakers in the satellite and a deep sounding 15" subwoofer. The design of the array will have a wide coverage, offering a perfect listening experience. Due to the minimal vertical spread there will be hardly no lose of sound. The plywood housing will make this portable column a whole lot lighter, and thus much easier to carry. The black paint gives a cool look and the rubber coating makes the speaker strong and scratch resistant. The black rubber paint/coating can easily take some beating without scratching or damaging. The portable column is extremely suitable for rental, touring, presentations, corporate events, congresses etcetera.

  • 900W BI-amplified array-system
  • Efficient Class-D amplifier
  • Line-array 8x 4" neodymium top speakers
  • Line input balance XLR and 6.3mm Jack
  • 15" High quality woofer
  • Supplied including distance rod (adjustable)
  • Plywood housing with strong rubber coating
  • Scratch and bump resistant
  • Lightweight so easy to transport


Peak power 1800W
Power max. 900W
Power rms 700W
Frequency response 30Hz - 20kHz
Crossover frequency 180Hz
Sensitivity 105dB
SPL max 136dB
Dispersion 120° x 30°
Speakers 200W rms
Subwoofer 500W rms
Driver 8x 4''
Voicecoil 3'' (Woofer)
Top hat Yes
Dimensions:Subwoofer 590 x 450 x 650mm
Dimensions:Per speaker 170 x 120 x 910mm
Weight per set 36.7kg
Weight: Subwoofer 28.8kg
Weight: Speaker 6.9kg