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PROMATE Child Safe Wireless Bluetooth Over-Ear Headphones

PROMATE Child Safe Wireless Bluetooth Over-Ear Headphones


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PROMATE Child-Safe Wireless Bluetooth Over-Ear Headphones. Up to 5 Hours Playback Time, Range 85-93dB. Built-in 300mAh Battery, 10m Operating Distance, Built-in Mic, Padded Ear Pads. Emerald Color

Sound quality that is clear with the sound levels not exceeding 85 decibels to protect young ears. Wireless means no messy wires to get caught up in, and no broken cables. As your child grows so can the headset, thanks to the unique adjustable and comfortable headband. 




  • Safe Audio Levels: Coddy offers kids and tweens an extended safe audio session tailored for young ears from 85dB to 93dB
  • Enjoy Wireless Freedom: Perfect for online tutoring, these pair of headphones will enable them to stay entirely focused while talking using the built-in mic
  • Isolate In Loud Environments: Excellent over-ear design with high-grade earpads o er sound isolation in loud environments
  • AUX Mode: Connect via the AUX cable for uninterrupted playtime
  • Kid-Proof: Designed to withstand all sorts of abuse, Coddy ensures no more broken headphones
  • 20 Hours Playtime: Connect wirelessly using Bluetooth for up to 20 hours on one charge- great for daily use