PROMATE Lightweight High Performance Stereo Earbuds Black

PROMATE Lightweight High Performance Stereo Earbuds Black


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PROMATE Lightweight High- Performance Stereo Earbuds with In-Line Mic and Universal Volume Control. Colour Black

Whether you’re traveling or working out, gearPod-IS2 earbud earphones are created to give you powerful sound with a lightweight, stable fit. Pick up calls on-the-go with the call button & built-in mic. Control your music playback via the in-line remote or the volume via the universal volume controller. Universally compatible with all devices supporting 3.5mm audio support. Experience earphones built around your life.


  • Universal Volume Control
  • In-Line Remote
  • Built-In Microphone
  • Crystal Clear Sound
  • Anti-Tangle Cable

Circular Earbuds Designed For Comfort

The circular earbuds of the gearPod-IS2 have been designed around the geometry of the ear. This makes them more comfortable and ensures minimal discomfort when they are used over long periods of time.

Delivers High-Performance Sound In Each Ear

Inbuilt within each headphone there are two speakers: a woofer and a tweeter speaker which deliver balanced sound with full frequency range. The large driver outputs sound with dynamic, deep bass and high-resolution treble sound that ensures you can listen to your favorite tunes in hi-fi quality.

Built-In Microphone For Handling Calls On The Move

Built into the remote on the headphone lead is a microphone. This will allow you to remain hands-free while running, walking or exercising.

Noise Suppression

Cancel out all the noise around you, no matter where you are and listen to your music in all its glory. The digital noise-cancelling earphones will give you full-range audio with deep bass, strong mids, and clear highs.

3.5mm Connector For Superior Performance

These in-ear earphones have a 3.5mm connector for a high-quality connection that delivers great stereo sound. They are compatible with most smartphones, tablets, and other devices with a 3.5mm port.

Tangle-Free Cable

With the Promate gearPod-IS2, you don’t need to worry about knotted cables. It cable has been designed to resist tangling, so you can store it anywhere you like and pull them straight out to use whenever you want.