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Rocker Switch 240VAC 10A DPST Red LED Illuminated

Rocker Switch 240VAC 10A DPST Red LED Illuminated


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Red neon DPST switch as used in our powerboards.


AC current rating : 10.00000000A
AC Voltage rating : 240.00000000V
Nominal Voltage : 250.00000000V
Type : Neon
Illumination Colour : Red
Connection : Spade Terminals
Length : 21.00000000mm
Width : 15.00000000mm
Height : 27.00000000mm
Mounting Method : Panel, Front of Panel
Attachment / Securing Method : Snap-in
Square Mount Hole Width : 12.00000000mm
Square Mount Hole Height : 20.00000000mm
Switch Type : Rocker
Pole Throw Type : DPST
Poles / Contacts : 2.00000000 pole
Throws / Positions : 1.00000000pos
Switch Function : Locking On/Off
Switch Connection : Solder Legs
Switch Colour Coded : Red
Cycle Life : 10000.00000000 cycles
Contact Resistance : 20.00000000mΩ
Insulation Resistance : 100.00000000MΩ
Dielectric Strength : 1000.00000000V
Mechanism Material : Plastic