Sony XP700 PW Speaker

Sony XP700 PW Speaker


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Surround sound power

A party is all about creating an atmosphere. That means filling any venue you choose with powerful sound. The XP700 is specially designed with surround sound for parties and an X-Balanced Speaker Unit that can fill any venue full of sound. Whether inside the building or outdoors

Let the sound surround you.

The XP700 consists of several speakers. It includes a front and rear high-performance tweeter system and an X-Balanced Speaker Unit to give surround sound to parties with punchy bass. Deep and sharp

X-Balanced Speaker Unit

The X-Balance Speaker Unit is an innovation with a non-circular diaphragm that has a wider area than normal speakers. It will produce a clearer, brighter sound. No matter what style of music you listen to.


  • X-Balanced Speaker Unit
  • Bigger speakers Better sound


Loud and clear

The combination of the X-Balanced Speaker Unit with front and rear high-performance tweeters gives the XP700 a larger profile. Delivers high-quality sound throughout your venue.


Increase the power of the bass

MEGA BASS gives you a real bass boost, so if you're listening to music with a heavy beat, You'll get deep, punchy bass.

Image of people dancing at a musical performance

Experience the music festival

The sound of live music is special. LIVE SOUND 2 system2It allows you to create an outstanding atmosphere and immerse yourself in the experience of listening to your favorite live music again.

Let the night shine brightly

The new ambient lighting system allows you to choose from different lighting patterns. There are many varieties that can bring excitement to the party. or soft, dim lighting for quiet nights.

Designed for durability

The XP700 is designed for durability and portability. That means you can take your favorite songs wherever you go. that without worry

Rain is not an obstacle for playing music.

Get your garden party ready. The XP700 has an IPX4 waterproof rating.3Makes it usable in light rain.

Image of the XP700

The icon for the fast charge feature indicates that 10 minutes of charging is enough for 3 hours of playback.

Listen to music continuously with a long battery life.

At a nice party No one wants the song to falter. Working time up to 25 hours4When the battery is fully charged This allows you to use this speaker for as long as you want.

Icon of full battery symbol

Extremely fast charging

If you don't have much time Don't worry. Fast charging in just 10 minutes4It gives you up to 3 hours of music playback.

Icon for the Battery Care feature with two hands around it.  The battery is being charged.

Take care of your battery

The battery care feature helps prevent overcharging. And it will help keep your battery in high performance for a longer time.

Image of the XP700 X Series speakers with a hand holding the comfort grip on the back of the speakers.

Carry it anywhere.

The XP700 has a convenient carrying handle. Makes it easy to carry, so if you often place the speaker in the house But I like listening to music in the garden. Can hold the speaker out.

Crying from the heart

Do you like karaoke? It shows that you and the XP700 will definitely get along well. Just plug in your microphone, choose a song, and go all out. And it's not just singing. You can also connect a guitar and use the speakers as an amp with two inputs.

Suit your style

The XP700 is stylish and versatile. From delivering great sound in multiple layouts Or use it to charge your smartphone.

Compatible with BLUETOOTH®

Want to connect to the wireless world? Simply pair the XP700 with your Bluetooth®-enabled device and stream straight to your speakers.





  • Compatible with BLUETOOTH®
  • Connect to the party
  • Plug it in and play.
  • 2 USB charging ports
  • It sounds great no matter where you place it.

Control everything from the dance floor

Take your party to the next level with Sony | Music Center and the Fiestable app. You can access fun features. Adjust the sound and direct the party as you desire.

Icon of the Sony | Music Center logo

Sony | Music Center 

Customize sound settings, control music, choose lighting patterns. and manage your devices directly from your phone. 

Fun features with Fiestable

Access fun features like party playlists, karaoke, and more.

Image of a man dancing at a party

Google Play

Sony | Music Center for Android

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Sony | Music Center for iOS

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Fiestable for Android

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Fiestable for iOS

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The XP700 is built to carry sound throughout the venue, with Omnidirectional Party Sound from the X-Balanced Speaker Unit and a high-performance tweeter system both front and rear. So it can deliver rich, clear sound in every direction. With a long battery life Waterproof level IPX43And it has a comfortable handle to move it from one party to another for fun. It is therefore ideal for indoor or outdoor parties.


    Surround party sound


    X-Balanced Speaker Unit


    Light creates atmosphere


    Waterproof level IPX43


    Battery life 25 hours4and fast charging


Speaker diameter (Tweeter speaker) front 6 cm x 3, rear 5 cm x 1, speaker diameter (woofer) 17 cm x 2


25 hours


Stereo mini-jack(IN), USB A, mic input(φ6.3 mm), guitar input(φ6.3 mm)