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SUNBEAM Aviva Pressure Multi Cooker

SUNBEAM Aviva Pressure Multi Cooker


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Sunbeam Aviva Pressure Cooker has a 6 litre capacity and can be used as a multi-cooker, designed to cook slow or fast, day in and day out. Can be used as slow cooker, 12 cup capacity rice cooker, steamer and frypan, brown or sauté your meats and vegetables then switch to pressure cooker or slow cooker modes to complete.

  • Pressure Valve setting
  • Timer Countdown
  • High, low and auto keep warm settings
  • Electronic keypad for accurate temperature control
  • 940 Watt
  • 12 month replacement warranty
  • Includes:
    • Steaming Rack
    • Rice measuring Cup
    • Rice Spoon 
    • Serving Spoon