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Sunbeam DiamondForce 3-In-1 Air Fryer

Sunbeam DiamondForce 3-In-1 Air Fryer


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Air frying just got a whole lot easier with the DiamondForce™ 3-in-1 Digital 5L Air Fryer.

Experience three appliances in one as you air fry; proof and bake breads; and dehydrate with ease. Equipped with six air fry presets (fries, bacon, seafood, veggies, poultry, meat), its versatility means not only can you dehydrate fruits and veg, you can also proof and bake bread.

Cooking for the family? The 3-in-1 DiamondForce™ Air Fryer has a 5L capacity that can fit 1 whole chicken or 800g pork belly, and it also includes an additional rack for two-layer air frying, so you know everything will fit. The basket is coated with DiamondForce™ non-stick coating so you know your food won’t stick to the sides.

The user guide comes with recipe ideas so you’ll always feel inspired in the kitchen.

Air fry; proof and bake breads; and dehydrate in 1 appliance. Use the 6 air fryer presets (Fries, Bacon, Fish, Veggies, Poultry, Meat) for healthier and tasty treats. The wide temperature range also allows you to proof allow bake breads.


Proof and dehydrate function

Variable temperature up to 200 degrees Celsius

Up to 12 hours timer

Digital display

DiamondForce coated, dishwasher safe basket

Includes Stainless Steel tray