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Tactile Switch 12VDC 50mA SPST 1.4mm Micro

Tactile Switch 12VDC 50mA SPST 1.4mm Micro


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Normally open SPST micro tactile switch.


DC current rating : 50.0mA
DC Voltage : 12.0V
Mounting Method : PCB
Pin Spacing Width : 6.0mm
Pin Spacing Depth : 6.0mm
Switch Type : Tactile Pushbutton
Pole Throw Type : SPST
Poles / Contacts : 1.0 pole
Throws / Positions : 1.0pos
Switch Function : Single Action Momentary
Switch Connection : Solder Legs
Switch Colour Coded : Black
Contact Resistance : 100.0mΩ
Insulation Resistance : 100.0mΩ
Dielectric Strength : 100.0V
Mechanism Material : Plastic
Actuator Height : 1.4mm
Actuator Diameter : 3.4mm