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Universal Tablet Headrest Mount

Universal Tablet Headrest Mount


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Almost totally universal to fit any car and any tablet (well, just about). It will fit headrests with support posts between 40mm and 170mm apart (basically any car). You can then install your tablet between 120 and 195mm high (that’s a lot of tablets too). Tighten all the adjustable components and your tablet is held firmly in place with the padded, non-slip clamps. You can rotate the tablet 360° thanks to a strong ball-joint, and also tilt/swivel the tablet approximately 60° to your liking.


- Padded clamps to protect your device

- 360° rotating ball-joint

- Fits just about any vehicle

- Clamp Height: 120 - 195mm adjustable

- Headrest Compatability: 40 - 170mm wide