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USB 3.0 Multi Card Reader with Type-C Adaptor

USB 3.0 Multi Card Reader with Type-C Adaptor

CIPS Electronics

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Built into a strong Aluminium case, it will read CompactFlash, SD, and MicroSD memory cards. Fast USB 3.0 transfer means you’re not waiting forever for files and photos to download, and a USB A to USB Type-C adaptor is provided for maximum compatibility. Also backwards compatible with USB 2.0 systems. No power required. 


- Reads SD, SDHC, SDCV, microSD, CF cards

- USB 3.0 with speed transfer up to 5Gbps

- Backwards compatible to USB 2.0

- Plug and play


Type of Hardware : Card Reader
Width : 69.0mm
Height : 14.0mm
Depth : 64.0mm
Cable length : 300.0mm
Weight : 70.0g
Supported USB Standards : USB 1
Types of Cards Read : SD, CF I + II
Number of Card Slots : 3.0