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Vonyx PA Speaker Active  2x 12 Inch With Bluetooth and MP3

Vonyx PA Speaker Active 2x 12 Inch With Bluetooth and MP3

CIPS Electronics

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CVB212 PA Speaker Active 2x 12” BT MP3 1200W

A series of rectangular 2-way bass reflex disco speakers in a fresh new design with built-in high power amplifier, BT stream function and a MP3 multimedia player. These carpet-covered speakers are also equipped with high efficiency woofers, piezo horns, microphone inputs with echo effect and a line in/line out. Ideal for mobile use, live music or speech sound reinforcement.

  • 2-way bass reflex active speaker system
  • Built-in high power amplifier 1200W
  • SD/USB Multimedia player with display
  • BT receiver for audio streaming
  • 2x High-efficiency 12" woofers
  • Piëzo horn for high/mid-range
  • 1x XLR/6.35mm jack combi microphone input with echo
  • 1x 6.35mm jack microphone input with echo
  • Trapezoidal enclosure with metal corners
  • Line in/output RCA
  • Bass, treble and master control
  • Robust metal grille
  • Recessed handles
Output power:Max 1200W
Diameter tweeter 2.5"
Tweeter type Piezo
Amount of tweeters 1
Diameter woofer 12"
Amount of woofers 2
Speaker type Amplified
SPL max 113dB
Dimensions (L x W x H) 375 x 400 x 960mm
Weight (kg) 17,50