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WB2009 75 Ohm Quad Shield RG6 Coax Cable

WB2009 75 Ohm Quad Shield RG6 Coax Cable


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Premium grade Belden RG6 quad shield cable is the cable of choice for Pay-TV installers. Quality U.S made Belden brand suitable for TV broadcast, satellite, or cable communications signals. The four layers within quad shield incorporates a combination of aluminium foils and braiding to prevent outside interference. 100% sweep tested 5MHz- 1GHz.



Colour : Black
Wire Category : Coaxial
Retail Sales Unit : Metre
Roll Length : 100.0m
Outer Diameter : 7.5mm
Conductor Overall Diameter : 1.016mm
Core Material : Copper Plated Steel
Shielding : Quad shield braided and foiled.