Xcellon HDWC-10 Full HD Webcam with Auto Focus

Xcellon HDWC-10 Full HD Webcam with Auto Focus


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Key Features

  • Full HD 1080p Resolution at 30 fps
  • 2.0MP CMOS Image Sensor (1/2.7")
  • Auto Focus with 65° Field of View
  • 360° Omnidirectional Microphone
  • Integrated Clip and 1/4"-20 Mount
  • Auto White Balance, Low Light Correction
  • Focus Range: 2.8" to Infinity
  • Plug-and-Play via USB 2.0 Type-A
  • Windows, Mac, Android, Chrome, and Linux

Broadcast live video streams, participate in video chats, and capture photos with the HDWC-10 Full HD Webcam with Auto Focus from Xcellon which is a powerful webcam that provides users with a fuller, richer, and more expansive experience. Compatible with Windows, Mac, Android, Linux, and Chrome via plug-and-play, the HDWC-10 features resolutions of up to Full HD 1080p and a frame rate of 30 fps, so you're assured of a high-quality and crisp picture and smooth motion. The image is further backed by a 65° field of view, which is suitable for framing shots from the shoulders up. The HDWC-10 also boasts a glass lens for superb video quality along with automatic white balance, low light correction that automatically adjusts to ambient conditions, and a focusing range of 2.8" to infinity. Thanks to an omnidirectional mic with a 360° pickup pattern that can pick up audio from 9.8 to 16.4' away, you'll have high-quality audio whether you're right in front of the microphone or off to the side. If you'd like to connect the HDWC-10 to a tripod, there is a 1/4"-20 threaded mount. Otherwise, an integrated clip unfolds and clips onto your monitor or laptop screen.

General Features

Full HD Resolution

Don't let a grainy and low-resolution picture get in the way of you and your followers, friends, or coworkers. With the HDWC-10 Webcam's 2.0MP sensor and 1080p resolution, your picture will be sharp, crisp, and full of detail.


The HDWC-10 can automatically focus on a subject anywhere from 3" away to infinity. So, let your friends get a good, close look at your wedding ring or the beautiful view from your window. The HDWC-10 will automatically ensure your picture is sharp.

Low-Light Correction

Not all chats and conferences can take place in perfect lighting. Whether you're in a dimly lit room, overhead fluorescent office light, or bright sunlight, the HDWC-10 will automatically adjust to the lighting condition.

Omnidirectional Microphone

The onboard omnidirectional microphone picks up voices with accuracy and detail, even if they're not directly in front of the camera. The microphone captures audio in a 360° pattern, so you'll sound great even when you need to turn the HDWC-10, and you're not speaking directly at the camera.

Mounting Options

The webcam features an integrated clip that unfolds and holds onto your monitor or laptop screen for a natural chatting experience that feels like you're making eye contact. The clip also folds up and becomes a flat surface for desktop or tabletop use. For more stability and aiming possibilities, the webcam has a 1/4"-20 socket, so you can mount it on to a desktop tripod and conduct your video chat from a meeting room or directly from your desk.